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The Mahalach Foundation Program

The Mahalach Foundation developed and leads a one of a kind program to create self-generating income in non-profit organizations by building and implementing a sustainable business model. The Foundation's program includes 12 months of professional guidance in developing and establishing self-generating income unit based on each organization’s core work, professional expertise and supporting its vision.

 Main Goal

Developing self-generating income in non-profit organization, based on its’ core work and professional knowledge in order to generate a net annual profit of at least 100,000 NIS by the end of the program.

 Program Objectives

  • Develop an organizational infrastructure in the field of self-generating income within non-profit organizations.

  • Develop business tools and models to professionally manage the self-generating income unit.

  • Formulate an annual sales-oriented strategic plan.

 Program Structure

12 months of guidance and consulting to establish the self-generating income unit.

  • 66 hours of individual business guidance and consulting for each organization.

  • 25 hours of financial guidance for each organization by a senior economic consultant, in order to develop a business model and pricing strategy for the self-generating income unit.

  • Digital marketing consultation to leverage digital platforms to market the self-generating income unit.

  • Guidance by Inbar Merhav G. Advertising and Marketing Ltd.

  • Legal advice by Shalgi Law Office.

  • Eight group study days including:

  • Lectures by senior figures in the Israeli economy

  • Workshops in sales, marketing and business skills development.