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The Mahalach Foundation Program

The Mahalach Foundation developed and led a one of a kind program to create self-generating income in non-profit organizations by building and implementing a sustainable business model. The Foundation's program included 12 months of professional guidance in developing and establishing self-generating income unit based on each organization’s core work, professional expertise and supporting its vision.

Ultimate Aim

To develop a profit yielding unit for each social business that is based on its core activities and value, and which will generate a net annual profit of at least 100,000 NIS by the end of the program.

Program goals

  • Construct an organizational infrastructure for self-generated income among social businesses

  • Develop business tools and practical models for professional management

  • Formulate an annual, sales-oriented strategic plan

Criteria for Course Applicants

  1. An annual budget of over 2,000,000 NIS

  2. The association has certificates of proper management

  3. The association has a permanent director who has held the position for at least one year

  4. Initial proposal for a self-generating income initiative

Also, based on the understanding that the organization’s commitment to the process is a basic condition for its success, each association is required to commit to the process by:

  • Appointing a contact person to head the profit unit, in at least a 50% position

  • Active CEO participation in the process

Screening Process and Selecting Participants

To participate in the Mahalach Foundation’s program, the associations undergo a careful, five-stage screening process, with the participation of: Mahalach Foundation management, representatives of the Foundation’s circle of partners, Foundation directors, CEOs who completed the Mahalach program, and additional strategic partners.

 Program Structure

The program provides twelve months of guidance, in which some 100 hours are dedicated to counseling by Mahalach Foundation professional experts of the association’s CEO and profit unit manager. The guidance process is takes place on two levels simultaneously, combining individual and group work:

  • Individual association guidance | Bi-monthly strategic counseling sessions

  • Group counseling | Ten study and enrichment sessions by leading experts in the Israeli market

Main Components of the Guidance Process

Formulating an idea for the profit unit | Creating a product portfolio | Defining target audiences| Mapping the competitive environment | Analyzing quantitative data | Building a financial model | Structuring a business strategy | Constructing a goal oriented sales plan | Forming a client database and sales supporting tools| Legal assistance with drawing up contracts | Formulating a marketing and sales strategy | Marketing through digital platforms | Formulating marketing materials | Managing and integrating change in the association.

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