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Designated Courses for Directors

The Covid-19 crisis created a reality in which social organizations must fight, more than ever, for their financial independence and organizational survival. This reality has led to a growing need among organization directors to diversify their sources of income and develop self-generated income units. To meet this need, the Mahalach Foundation has developed designated training for directors where they are taught to integrate tools for developing self-generating income in social organizations. The courses are tailored to specific social fields.

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  • Designated training for directors of associations for older adults, in collaboration with JDC Eshel | The course began in April 2021 and ended in May 2021.

  • Designated training for directors of social organizations in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Foundation | The course began in May 2021 and ended in June 2021.

  • Designated training for directors of social organizations aiming to empower women and promote gender equality, in collaboration with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation | The course will begin in October 2021.

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